ND2 Dragon

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The ND2 Dragon Vertical Lift can be used both indoors and outdoors. This model, which is a strong, rainproof, sheltered version, climbs vertical distances perfectly. It offers options with traveling distances between 50 – 15000 cm. It provides hydraulic or screw choices. With its strong steel construction structure and aesthetic appearance, brake mechanism and driving modes that enable it to operate in all weather conditions, it reaches steep distances smoothly.

It can be used in the coldest climates and can operate for years without any problems with its worm screw technology. Due to the silent hydraulic unit, it will help you feel comfort in quiet environments such as hospitals and schools. In terms of aesthetics, you can choose as you wish from laminated tempered glass or composite coating options. Do not forget to benefit from the colour options when choosing your lift. If you wish, you can contact us from here and request a free discovery.

Why is the ND2 Dragon Vertical Lift different from others?

 Disassembled or assembled shipping options are available. This provides ease of installation for indoor and outdoor environments. It can be easily installed. Different colours, sizes and customisations are available. It can reach up to 15 ‘m and 450 kg. as a load capacity. Manuel or automatic door options are also available. Since it is a disabled lift with a closed case design, you cannot harm a person or an animal. Perfectly designed, ND2 Disabled Lift adds value to your architectural structures thanks to its strong structure. This is why you should prefer ND2 Disabled Lift.

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ND2 Dragon Vertical Lift content and add-ons

  1. Completed ND2 Dragon Vertical Lift
  2. Reciprocating carrier
  3. 2-4 KW engine options
  4. Silent hydraulic unit or worm screw option
  5. With automatic door
  6. Tempered glass
  7. Mounting box
  8. Certificate and instruction file

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Dimensions mm
A External Platform length 1600
B Internal length 1400
C External Platform width 1600
D Internal width 1100


This Disabled Lift has been independently tested and manufactured according to the following standards. TS EN 81-41 ” Elevators – Safety rules for construction and installation – Applications for passenger and freight elevators – Part 40: Escalators and inclined lifting platforms for passengers with mobility impairments TS EN 12100 Safety of machinery – General principles for design – Assessment and reduction of risk (ISO 12100: 2010) ISO 9001

Travel distance 500 – 15000 mm
Speed 0,15 m/s
Load capacity 450 kg
Platform’s dimensions 1600 x 1600
Drive System Hydraulic / Screw
Operating Voltage 380 or 220 V-50 Hz
Motor 2-4 kW
Emergency Stop Exists
Standards CE & ISO

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