Kangaroo Pool Lift is a high quality material, quality workmanship and perfectly designed pool lift. It has an ergonomic structure that can be used as both a Sea Lift and a Pool Lift. It is a lift that not only the physically disabled, but also the elderly should use for access to the pool. Thanks to its soft start and stop feature that adapts to every poolside, it has never been easier to enter the pool sitting down and go up effortlessly.

With its long-lasting battery system, powerful actuator piston and 150 kg carrying capacity, it is a complete helper. You do not have to suffer from situations that prevent you from accessing the pool, or have an accident while climbing up the stairs. All you have to do is to reach us here and get information.

Why is Kangaroo Pool Lift different from others?

It does not require installation. You can start using it from the moment you receive the delivery. There is no need for water pressure like other models because it is battery powered. Charging the battery is simple and fast. Whether desktop kit or spare battery. Thanks to its wheels, you can carry it wherever you want. The wired control is ergonomic and provides ease of use with a single button. You can experience our pool lifts, which have galvanised and stainless steel body structure and can be used for many years without any problems.

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Kangaroo Pool Lift content and add-ons

  1. Lift and footrest
  2. Battery and actuator (8000 N)
  3. Wired control
  4. 4 pieces of castors
  5. Certificate and instruction file

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Dimensions mm
A Length of the lift in closed position 1600
B Distance between seat and footrest 250
C Distance between arms and seat 1350
D Seat height from the floor 630
E Distance between wheel and pool 330
F Total height 1560
G Length of the lift in open position 1820
H Distance of the handles from each other 590
I Ground clearance of handles 1050
J Distance between two wheels 575

This pool lift has been independently tested and manufactured according to the following standards.

TS EN 12100 Safety in machinery – General principles for design – Assessment and reduction of risk (ISO 12100: 2010)

ISO 9001 Quality certificate

CE marking – NUR ASANSOR A.S. meets the requirements of the applicable European Directive(s).

Weight of the machine 130 kg
Carrying Capacity 150 kg
Depth of Settlement 560 mm
Launching time with Load 20 saniye
Lifting time with Load 25 saniye
Drive System Actuator Aktüatör
Power 12 V (Akü)
Standards CE & ISO

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