Vertical Platform Lift

The ND1 Disabled Lift is a fast and practical solution for both indoor and outdoor use. It climbs vertical distances perfectly. It offers options with working distances between 50 – 200 cm. It is a unique model that brings hydraulic powerpack technology together with you. With its curvy and aesthetic structure, brake mechanism and driving modes that allow it to operate in all weather conditions, it reaches steep distances without any problems.

The powerpack hydraulic tank that does not require maintenance for many years, internal dynamism with double tandem scissors, reinforced structure using double pistons is one of the few features of the improved ND1 Disabled Lift.  We invite you to Nur Asansor showroom to see single and double scissor options, special sizes and different sizes. If you wish, you can also contact us here and request a free discovery.

Why is the ND1 Disabled Lift different from others?

It is shipped ready and installed so it is very simple to assemble. Different colours, sizes and customisations can be made. It can provide access up to 200 cm. 250 kg. load capacity. It offers ramp or door option. Thanks to the safety bellows, you cannot harm an animal or a person. The perfectly designed ND1 Disabled Lift adds value to your architectural structures thanks to its strong design. This is why you should prefer ND1 Disabled Lift.

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ND1 Disabled Lift content and add-ons

  1. Completed ND1 Disabled Lift
  2. Double piston carriage
  3. 750 W powerpack hydraulic unit and electrical panel
  4. Anti-pinch four-corner cloth bellows
  5. Upstairs door
  6. Mounting box
  7. Certificate and instruction file

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Ölçüler mm
A Platform length 1330
B Well length 1350
C Platform width 1030
D Well width 1050

This Disabled Lift has been independently tested and manufactured according to the following standards.

TS EN 81-41 “Elevators – Safety rules for construction and installation – Applications for passenger and freight elevators – Part 40: Escalators and inclined lifting platforms for passengers with mobility impairments

TS EN 12100 Safety in machinery – General principles for design – Assessment and reduction of risk (ISO 12100: 2010) ISO 9001

CE marking – Nur Lift meets the requirements of the applicable European Directive(s).

Travelling Distance 500 – 2000 mm
Speed 0.15 m/s
Carrying Capacity 250 kg
Platform Size 1030 x 1330
Drive System Hydraulic (Scissor System)
Operating Voltage 220 V-50 Hz
Motor 0.75 kW
Emergency Stop Available
Standards CE & ISO

Why should you choose the world’s most innovative stairlift?

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