Horizontal Platform Lift

Masha Platform Lift

A simple and practical solution for straight stairs. We eliminate obstacles.

Masha platform lift is a great solution for both indoor and outdoor areas.It perfectly adapts to the stairs and brings convenience and technology together with its driving mode with Turkish and English menu options. With its slim and durable structure, brake mechanism and adjustable driving modes, you can slide up and down the stairs effortlessly.

Masha platform lift, which has been continuously developed and improved for many years, brings many innovations and features. Attributes such as adjustable driving and arm speeds, adjustable language option, automatic shutdown and return to factory settings are waiting for you. You can also request free discovery by contacting us here.

Why is the Masha Stair Lift different from the others?

It is one of the thinnest stair platforms on the market. It shows full compatibility with your architectural structures. Fast placement thanks to its simple installation. Different colours, sizes and customisations can be made. It can work up to 45 ° inclination with full capacity. Thanks to its ingenious Masha platform Lift battery-powered design, it works even without electricity. This is why you should prefer Masha.

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Masha Stair Lift content and add-ons

  1. Masha Platform and diagnostic display
  2. Rail, rack and carriage legs
  3. Electricity panel and ready installation
  4. 6 batteries
  5. 2 remote controllers
  6. Mounting box
  7. Certificate and instruction file

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A Machine’s horizontal width 750
B Machine’s height 1100
C Machine’s width 254
D Platform’s side width 800
E Platform’s front width 1000
F Open flaps width 1445

This platform lift has been independently tested and manufactured according to the following standards.

TS EN 81-40 “Elevators – Safety rules for construction and installation – Applications for passenger and freight elevators – Part 40: Escalators and inclined lifting platforms for passengers with mobility impairments

TS EN 12100 Safety in machinery – General principles for design – Assessment and reduction of risk (ISO 12100: 2010) ISO 9001

TS ISO 9386-2 Power-driven lifting platforms for mobility impaired – Rules for safety, dimensions and functional operation – Part 2: Power-driven stair-type lift moving in an inclined plane for seated users, standing users and wheelchair users

CE marking – NUR ASANSOR A.S. meets the requirements of the applicable European Directive(s).

Safety System Parachute Brake –  Anti-jamming Switch
Display 64,50 X 14 LCD screen (Turkish – English )
Speed 0,07-0,15 m/s
Load capacity 230 Kg (300 Kg optional)
Platform dimensions 1000 x 800 (std) / 750 x 700
Drive system Rail – Rack & Pinion gear system
Operating voltage 220 V-50 Hz
Motor power 0,50 KW
Standards CE & ISO

Why should you choose the world’s most innovative stairlift?

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