A simple and practical solution for straight stairs. We eliminate obstacles.

  • Masha Platform and Diagnostic Display
  • Fully automatic control and driving modes
  • A load capacity of 300 Kg up to 40°.
  • 24 months manufacturer warranty

ND1 Vertical Platform Lift

The best solution for steep distances. Improved model, high comfort.

  • Weathering resistant
  • Anti-jamming four corner bellows
  • A load capacity of 250 Kg.
  • 24 months manufacturer warranty

Bonna StairLift

The best and the most comfortable for straight and curved distances.

  • Suitable for straight or curved stairs
  • Fully automatic 2 remote controls
  • A load capacity of 150 Kg.
  • 24 months manufacturer warranty

With our Pool Lift model, the access to the pool has never been easier. You can get into the swimming pool with a single touch of a button…

  • IP 54 Protected Remote Control
  • 30 times water access with a full battery
  • A load capacity of 150 Kg
  • 24 months manufacturer warranty

As NUR ASANSOR A.S. , our first priority is to produce the world’s best stair lift and disabled lift. We show full compatibility between your architectural structures and our wall or staircase options, colour choices and detailed special production options.

The disabled lifts developed by NUR ASANSOR A.S. have been independently tested and approved to comply with the latest European safety standard for stair lifts. We strive to reach our goals by maximising our place in the sector, earning a good reputation and awareness all over the world.

Why should you choose the world’s most innovative stairlift?

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