Talking Disabled Elevator “masha” with its Renovated Design

Talking Disabled Elevator “masha” with its Renovated Design You won't be able to say that it would be nice if this feature were available too.

Do you think the following are enough?

• Would you like to be greeted with a welcome sound? Or saying goodbye and being able to do it in 6 languages?

• There are menu and language options such as Turkish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French.

• There is a speaker set for voice command. In this way, the platform will talk to you even if you are visually impaired.

• With the 128 x 64 LCD digital display indicator, you can receive voice commands and directions from the screen.

• You will feel its power with its climbing ability with 300 kg up to 45°

• With the soft start mode, you will be able to travel without shaking and you will be able to customize this feature.

• Whether fast or slow driving mode. You can adjust the platform cruise speed from the screen as you wish.

• Whether 50 kg. or 300 kg. you can decide the load you want to carry.

• The passenger detection function on the platform measures the weight of the passenger and saves the battery.

• The highest level of safety with double brake system, emergency mode and safety equipment.

• You cannot accidentally crush feet or pets thanks to the anti-pinch switch at 3 different points.

• Fully automatic control and driving modes.

• The control will be switched by IF / ID radio frequency cards, not by an old-fashioned mechanical door key. You can even carry it in your wallet thanks to the cards special for you.

• Even if you wanted to, you can't drain the battery. Automatic shutdown with sleep mode. You can set it between 1 min. and 10 min.

• Battery saving and road dynamism application thanks to automatic route recognition mode.