“masha” Expands Abroad!

“masha” Expands Abroad! Our new platform lift “masha”, which we have recently started to pre-orders for, attracts great attention from domestic and foreign countries.

At the beginning of June, our guests from Bulgaria visited our factory, saw our production stages and had the opportunity to closely examine “masha”. Our new handicapped platform lift, which has received great appreciation for all its new features and design, has already managed to create a stir in all our dealers.

In addition to our new product, our existing horizontal, vertical and pool lifts were also appreciated with their technical features and designs, demonstrating the success of our work so far.

After our CEO Doğan KAZAN's presentations to Ms. Milena Dimcheva and Mr. Hristian Dilov from Bulgaria, new collaborations were discussed and a pleasant visit was made for both parties.

We thank our guests who came here and we continue our production without slowing down, hoping to meet in good works!