• What is a Disabled Lift System?

    They are elevator/platform systems that can be used in many different areas from social spaces to private properties, from hospitals to schools, produced to facilitate the lives of disabled or elderly individuals. These platforms, which have become increasingly widespread in our country, especially with the encouragement of their laws recently, have started to be used in many different areas.

    Different models such as stair lifts, platform lifts and pool lifts constitute an important solution point in order to facilitate the lives of our disabled individuals in all areas. Thus, it becomes easier to enjoy life with products suitable for use at home, in social areas, in pools and seas.

    In economic terms, it is possible to find disabled lifts suitable for every budget. Disabled platforms, stairlifts and pool lifts are all VAT exempt and VAT should not be paid for these lifts.

  • What is a Disabled Ramp & What Should Be Considered While Buying?

    In places where it is not physically possible to apply a disabled lift, the platform called a disabled ramp is preferred.

    There are fixed and foldable ramps for the disabled and they are sold by the meter.

    Legally 1 m for every 12 cm of height. Horizontal length is required.

  • Is there a Second-Hand Disabled Platform Sales?

    Since disabled elevators or stairlifts are specially produced according to needs and areas, they are generally not sold as second hand.

    However, unused elevators are recommended to customers who want to buy a second hand disabled lift, in line with the demands of our customers who no longer need the disabled platform.

    If the dimensions meet the demand, the product can be purchased.

  • Is the Disabled Elevator Rental?

    Disabled lifts are prepared in accordance with the needs of the person and the place and are used privately. It can be quite difficult to find an elevator suitable for every area or person's needs.

    As Nur Elevator, we do not provide rental services on platforms for the disabled. You can contact us at +90 (282) 747 61 88 to find the most suitable disabled lift for you and get detailed information.

  • What is VAT Exemption Law?

    In our country, all elevators for disabled and elderly use are exempt from VAT by law.

    Relevant law; It is stated as "VAT is exempt from VAT according to the clause "S", which was added with the Law No. 5378 dated 07.07.2005 and entered into force on the same date.

  • Is the Stairlift Mounted on Steps or Wall/Bandrail?

    There is a very common misconception about this. Although stairlifts are mounted next to your wall or handrail, all stairlifts are also mounted on your steps with their carrier columns.

    These details are determined when our consultant comes to field exploration and you are given detailed information.

  • How Long Will Disabled Lifts Be Delivered?

    Disabled lifts are divided into three as seat lifts, platform lifts and vertical systems.

    Production and delivery times may vary depending on the model you choose.

    In general, the average delivery times of products vary between 10 and 70 days.

  • What is the Stair Lift Warranty Coverage? What are the Care Package Suggestions?

    All new Nur Elevator stairlifts you will purchase from us come with a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

    After your elevator is installed, our customer service will contact you and inform you about the current and additional maintenance packages.

  • Is a Maintenance Agreement Necessary for Service?

    No, it's not necessary. Even if you do not have a maintenance agreement, you can always get service from us for Nur Elevator products.

    In case you do not have a maintenance agreement, the fees related to the service will be notified to you by our technical staff during the service.

    Payment can also be made to the technical personnel who provide the service.

  • Do Stairlifts Turn?

    Yes, all of our stairlifts are designed and built to handle any turn.

    It can move on both sides of the ladder in all bends and turns, regardless of sharp or wide, internal vertical or external vertical. Shelves or corridors can also pass easily.

    Our rails and elevator are designed and manufactured to be completely tailored to your needs and stairs.

  • Is a License Required for Disabled Elevators?

    A license is not required for disabled lifts. According to the used machine directive, its speed is 0.15 mt./sec. No license is required for elevators below.

  • What If I No Longer Need My Stairlift?

    When you think that you no longer need a stairlift, you can contact us at +90 (282) 747 61 88.

    After the meeting, our technical team can properly disassemble your stairlift and take it back.

  • Do I Have to Purchase After Consulting?

    You never have to buy. As Nur Elevator, we provide free consultancy to you.

    Our expert consultant will come to the area where the elevator will be installed and explore the stairs and inform you about the most suitable elevator models for your needs. In the meantime, our consultant will answer all the questions you have in mind by giving you details about the technical installation procedures.

    After this consultancy, a non-binding offer is sent to you. You are under no obligation to make a purchase regarding this service and offer work.