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Infinity Stairlift

Infinity Stairlift

With this groundbreaking invention in stair lifts, all stair problems become a thing of the past! The Infinity stairlift impresses with its thinness, simple design and optionality. It also does not take up space with its thin rail design, remote control and foldable feature. With the Infinity stairlift, you are now much closer to freedom!

- Quick and easy access between floors can be achieved with its automatic call feature.

- In cases where there is no remote control, you can use the joystick comfortably and quickly without interruption.

- When you do not use your stairlift or when you want to fold it, you can lock it and prevent its use. It can remain private to you.

- It does not take up space, stays on the edge of the stairs, has a thin design that does not affect anyone's passage.

- It carries the safety to the upper position thanks to the seat belt and anti-jamming switches. All you have to do is enjoy the product.


Your life will be much easier with our Stair Lifts models.


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