Kangaroo (Portable) Pool Lift

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Kangaroo (Portable) Pool Lift

Kangaroo (Portable) Pool Lift

Pool lifts are medical devices that allow people with reduced mobility to access the pool, spa or sea in a safe, comfortable and functional way.

In all Nur Elevator devices, care has been taken to ensure all safety levels for both the user and the operator.

Nur Elevator Inc. pool lifts can be used indoors and outdoors in environments such as pools or seaside. The warranty period of the pool lift is 2 (two) years against manufacturing and assembly faults. Armrests, footrests, emergency hand pump are just a few of the safety devices that prevent unwanted movements of the lift.

- Emergency stop button and control keys

- Rear wheels with brake lock

- Rubber safety chock

- Removable battery

- Water resistant remote

If you would like to own a Nur stairlift, you can contact us at +90(282) 747 61 88 and get detailed information.